WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios introduce La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience,

a seven-part podcast series created by a team of Puerto Rican journalists, producers, musicians, and artists about life, politics, and history on the island.

The entire series is available for binge listening in English and Spanish today!

There’s no direct translation of “la brega” in English, but for Puerto Ricans, it’s a way of life. To bregar means to struggle, to hustle, to find a way to get by and get around an imbalance of power. It’s got a creative edge, a bit of swagger; as Puerto Rican scholar Arcadio Diaz has observed, it’s a word that belongs to the underdog.

Hosted by New York-born Puerto Rican journalist Alana Casanova-Burgess — La Brega tells stories of an island and a people trying to cope with too many challenges, and who deserve and demand better.

WNYC Studios is proud to launch its first dual-language podcast in order to make the series accessible to Puerto Ricans both in the diaspora and on the island. La Brega will also appeal to anyone who simply loves good storytelling and solid reporting. Puerto Ricans share an incredibly unique perspective, and the series offers a deeply personal anthology that illuminates the story of this U.S. colony by placing boricuas center stage.

All episodes are officially available in English and Spanish here.

Our full press release on the podcast series may be found here.