Students, faculty and the public can enjoy Open Streets at LaGuardia Community College in Queens. Photo courtesy

LaGuardia Community College/CUNY is taking over the streets of Long Island City, Queens with a series of culturally diverse, informative, and entertaining programs that are available for the public to enjoy.

The series of programs are part of the LaGuardia Community Greenway, a collaborative effort to create a new open space for Long Island City, and LaGuardia’s 33,000 students, staff, and faculty. LaGuardia envisions reclaiming public streets to create a space that is sustainable and positively impacts the physical and mental health of the community and environment.

“With collaboration from New York City’s Open Streets [] and the Department of Transportation [], LaGuardia is dedicating eight days of live music, activities and programming to invite the community to learn about our college, engage with neighbors, and enjoy the urban sanctuary we’re calling – The Plaza,” said Kenneth Adams, President of LaGuardia Community College. “These events support our college’s mission to serve the Queens community and all New Yorkers.”

As a pilot program in 2022, organized by the students from LaGuardia’s President’s Society Environment Program, the Greenway was introduced as a pop-up space for outdoor activities and programming on 29th Street, stretching from Skillman Avenue to 47th Avenue. More than 1,000 people enjoyed the pop-up Greenway. The success of the pop-up Greenway inspired the LaGuardia community to partner with New York City’s Open Streets program to bring back the LaGuardia Community Greenway with a series of eight days filled with events and activities that reflect our community’s diversity, culture, and spirit.

Each day will offer a variety of activities: Food vendors, live music, exhibition tables, and workshops. Open to LaGuardia students, faculty, staff and the New York City community.The 2023 Schedule includes: