With the Mets’ season in full swing, the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives released a new video this week View Video which features former New York Council Member and State Assembly Member Mark Weprin recounting the championship season of the 1986 New York Mets and his own participation in the team’s Old-Timers Day on July 12, a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Amazin’ Mets.  The video goes up just as the Archives YouTube channel reaches over 300,000 views.

“We were making a presentation…it may have been the 25-year anniversary of the Mets- a presentation by the State legislature, and I, being a huge fan of the Mets, weaseled my way in and got to go…,” says Councilmember Weprin in the video.

This latest video oral history is just one treasure among many from the Weprin family as the Archives has collaborated with the Special Collections and Archives at Queens College to digitize a selection from the Saul Weprin Collection, the entire print collection of which is housed in the Queens College Special Collections and Archives.

“Today, as the Mets edge closer to contention, it is useful to remember what a true championship team looked like,” said Stephen Weinstein, Assistant to the Director of the Archives.

The video shows part of the history of the NY Mets.

The video shows part of the history of the NY Mets.

The collection documents his tenure as both the 24th District Assembly Member and as Speaker of the Assembly and his actions on political, social and cultural issues that impacted the Queens neighborhoods under his jurisdiction.

Two of the many particularly interesting documents include the Bias-Related Violence Act in 1991—legislation that preceded federal hate crime laws by three years, as well as his support of the 1993 Stalking Law.

The addition of this collection, especially in a conveniently accessible digital form, adds another dimension to the study of New York City history and politics for researchers and students.