In partnership with Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, Mexico City’s Museo Universitario del Chopo and New York University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, we are uplifting indigenous voices and continuing the conversation on racism.

First, we are proud to present a spoken word event with four powerful Mexican indigenous poets:
Irma Pineda, Zapotec poet and representative for the Latin America and the Caribbean region at the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
Celerina Sánchez, Ñuu Savi (Mixtec) poet, oral narrator and cultural promoter. 
Enriqueta Lunez, Tzotzil poet, artisan and cultural promoter.
Mikeas Sánchez, Zoque poet, radio producer, translator and a defender of land.The poets will share some of their most meaningful work and their experience as activists in their local communities. This conversation will be in Spanish.

Nov. 1, 4:30pm (NYC time) | 3:30pm (CDMX time) | FREE
Este evento se llevará a cabo en español.
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This year has marked a significant turning point in the fight against systemic racism in the U.S. We are presenting a panel to discuss and reflect on predominant racist behaviors and their ideological foundations. The dialogue will be led by The New York Times journalist Eduardo Porter, author and racism researcher Federico Navarrete, and Tatiana García, filmmaker and host of the Convoy Network show Negritud, negros con actitud (Blacks, Blacks with Attitude).

This conversation will be in English.

Nov. 2, 6:30pm (NYC time) | 5:30pm (CDMX time) FREE
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On Nov. 1 & 2nd, you can Celebrate Mexico with us from home.
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Museo del Chopo’s Diseño pandémico analyzes design solutions and responses during the current pandemic. The panels aim to expose scales, formats, authors and users that compose this new design ecosystem.

Oct. 22 & 29, YouTube livestream
7pm CDMX | 8pm NYC | In Spanish
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