Chancellor Fariña recently announced the gains in participation and results of New York City students on SAT and Advanced Placement exams in the 2014-15 school year.

On the SAT, New York City students’ scores improved in every test section across all ethnic groups, while SAT scores nationwide and in the rest of the State fell or remained flat. The average SAT math score for NYC high school seniors increased three points from 463 to 466, while the average critical reading score increased four points from 440 to 444 and the average writing score increased three points from 436 to 439. The number of City seniors taking the SAT also increased from 47,950 students to a record 48,678 students.

On Advanced Placement exams, the number of students taking and passing at least one exam increased across all ethnic groups. The number of students taking at least one exam rose 8.0%, from 39,318 students to a record 42,481 students, and has increased 40.1% in the last five years. Participation increases were largest for Black and Hispanic students: specifically, 16.0% more Black students and 8.7% more Hispanic students took at least one AP exam in 2014-15 than in the previous year. The increase in the number of students passing the exam was highest among Hispanic students: 8.8% more Hispanic students passed at least one AP exam in 2014-15 than in the previous year. Overall, the number of students passing AP exams also increased 5.9%.

More information is available here; a breakdown of results, including by ethnic group, is available here.

Chancellor Fariña said: “I believe that all our students should graduate high school with the skills, coursework, and college planning they need to thrive in college, and we’re investing in that work like never before with College Access for All and AP for All. I’m very encouraged to see more New York City students taking these exams and meeting the high bar that they set. I look forward to building on these gains as we work to make college access and success a reality for all our students.”