Consumer Platform Provides Financial Literacy and Savings Tools to Help Spanish and English Speaking Latinos Learn, Save and Prosper

MoneyMio launched today as the first personal finance website focusing on Spanish and English speaking Latinos in the United States with the mission of empowering this heavily underserved and growing segment of the U.S. population. MoneyMio is the first consumer platform to provide bilingual and culturally relevant educational content and comparison tools.

“Despite having $1.3 trillion in purchasing power, which is larger than the gross domestic product of Mexico, Latinos, especially those who are Spanish dominant, continue to be an underserved population of the U.S,” said Jose Galindo founder and CEO. “The mission of MoneyMio is to provide Spanish and English speaking Latinos with the tailored content and tools they need to become financially literate; from how to open a bank account, to comparison tools on the best credit card for you, we want to help consumers reach their financial goals.”

The online platform provides users with culturally focused educational content in both English and Spanish and free comparison tools to find credit cards and personal loans with the best interest rates and credit offers.

MoneyMio features include:

Credit Card Comparison Tool

Allows users to compare hundreds of credit cards by clicking through different category filters. Search credit cards by credit score, type of card (rewards, balance transfer, student, etc.), card network, and issuer.

Personal Loan Comparison Tool

Allows users to compare the main online providers of personal loans. Enter a loan amount and credit score to get providers available for those options.

Credit Score Estimator

Handy tool allows users to get a quick estimate of their credit standing by answering six short questions. Users are then presented with their estimated credit and recommendations on credit cards that fit their credit history.

Credit Card Calculator

Allows users to determine how long it will take to pay debt down under different payment scenarios. Users are also provided with an estimate of how much they could save by transferring their balance to a card with an introductory APR of zero percent of twelve months or more.

MoneyMio was founded in 2015 by investment banker and investor, José Galindo. Galindo arrived in the United States from Colombia as a student attending University of California, Los Angeles, where he had to learn how to take control of his own finances. He realized millions of other Latinos coming to the U.S face language barriers and lower education levels that can impact their financial decision making capabilities.

“We’re proud to have launched Moneymio to ensure the Latino community has access to resources to help Latinos achieve their desired American dream,” continued Galindo.

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