El flamenco de España tiene mucha influencia en elatinoamérica. Foto cortesía

Únase a nosotros en actividades de cultura, música y arte para celebrar el mes de la Herencia Hispana!

Celebre el Mes de la Herencia Hispana aprendiendo bailes hispanos tradicionales con el equipo del Urzua Queens Center of Performing Arts.

Lunes, 23 de septiembre 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Instrucción de flamenco;

Lunes, 30 de septiembre 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Instrucción de tango;

Lunes, 7 de octubre 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Instrucción de Bachata;

Lunes, 21 de octubre 6:00 – 7:00 pm – Instrucción de salsa.

Langston Hughes Library

100-01 Northern Boulevard, Corona, NY 11368

(718) 651-1100

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at the library by learning dances, experiencing performances, and more. Here are some of our programs. See our complete schedule on our website.

Learn to Cook Lomo Saltado

Learn to cook lomo saltado, a traditional Peruvian dish that typically combines marinated strips of sirloin with onions, tomatoes, French fries, and other ingredients.

Saturday, September 21, 12 pm, Langston Hughes

Mariachi Roll Craft

Kids will enjoy creating these colorful dolls representing mariachi musicians.

Saturday, September 21, 1pm, Langston Hughes

The Colors of Frida

This is a bilingual puppet show about the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, which combines storytelling, music, visual arts, and audience participation.

Saturday, September 21, 2pm, Langston Hughes

Fiesta Llama Suncatcher Craft

Paint a fiesta llama suncatcher to hang in your window for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Saturday, September 21, 3pm, Langston Hughes

Flamenco Presentation by Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company

Come experience the exciting sounds of staccato heels, clicking castanets and the snap of fans as Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company presents a colorful journey through the world of Flamenco music, song & dance with flamenco dancers Ricardo Santiago and Barbara; flamenco guitarist, Arturo Martinez, and vocals by Gisele Assi.

Saturday, September 21, 3:30pm, Langston Hughes

Learn Latin Dances with Urzua Queens Center of Performing Arts

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning to dance traditional Hispanic dances with the team of Urzua Queens Center of Performing Arts at Langston Hughes Library.

Monday, September 23, 6 – 7pm – Flamenco Instruction;

Monday, September 30, 6 – 7pm – Tango Instruction;

Monday, October 7, 6 – 7pm – Bachata Instruction;

Monday, October 21, 6 – 7pm – Salsa Instruction.

The Magical Song of Sona and Dora

Enjoy the story of Sona and Dora, two coquis (tiny tree frogs) from Puerto Rico who go out in search of the magic that will save their lives.

Tuesday, September 24, 4pm, Langston Hughes

Escuela de Mariachi Angeles de NY

This all-children’s mariachi band is comprised of youngsters 6 -17, who sing and perform on instruments like the violin, guitar, guitarron, vihuela, and trumpet.

Saturday, September 28, 4pm, Langston Hughes

Guitar Tango

The beauty, passion, and sensuality of tango take center stage with Argentine dancers Sandra Biratto and El Polaco and the melodic guitar and vocals of Horacio Laguna.

Saturday, October 5, 2:30pm, Woodhaven

Los Cumpleaños

With an unmistakable, freewheeling style, Los Cumpleaños mixes tropical rhythms and experimental sounds into an energetic, danceable, one-of-a-kind musical experience with their own take on Colombian Cumbia, Porro, Son Caribeño, Salsa Criolla, and Bullerengue.

Saturday, October 5, 2:30pm, East Elmhurst

Gypsy Latin Soul Meets Pop

Come experience Edwin Vazquez’s heartfelt vibe of Gypsy Latin soul mixed with bossa flamenco rhythms sung with strong silky vocals accompanied by violin, trumpet and dance!

Saturday, October 12, 12pm, McGoldrick