As we have for seven years, we are celebrating Ecuadorian cinema the way cinema lovers do; gathering friends under one roof and screening stories on the wall. Except this year we’re taking Ecuadorian movies to a special place. Get ready, we are going to TriBeCa. Click here for more details of the festival.

And you thought you knew Ecuador

Gathering a very diverse showcase of contemporary Ecuadorian films, 2015 EFFNY ALL YOU NEED IS ECUADOR brings some of the best and most representative of today’s Ecuadorian cinema to New York.

Opening a window into different worlds within this very diverse country, the many stories at EFFNY will introduce you to the fascinating lives of many interesting characters and subjects, taking you from the Galapagos to the streets of Guayaquil, Quito, Ambato, to the beautiful beaches of Manabí, and more. It will place you on a building’s rooftop and all the way up to the top of a mountain. It will transport you back in time and show you today’s Ecuador. Some of the stories you will see at EFFNY actually happened, while others are just fictional. But every single story you will see at EFFNY could have only happened in one place on Earth.

Come meet us at Tribeca Cinemas this June 17th. We’re taking you to Ecuador!