DUSA has proudly been at the forefront along with other civic groups lobbying for better New York voting laws.

For too long, New York has been plagued with inadequate voting laws and has severely lagged behind other states in terms of voting reform. On January 14th, a series of bills were passed by the New York State Legislature that would make voting easier for every New York citizen. The bills include:

Early voting (up to 10 days before Election Day)

Pre-registration of 16 and 17 year-olds

Same day registration

Consolidation of federal and state primaries

Portable voter registration (allows voters who move within the same state to transfer their registration and vote on Election Day at their new poll site)

No excuse absentee voting (allows voters to request an absentee ballot without requiring that the voter state a reason)

These bills will help alleviate long lines and crowding at polling sites and could also help increase voter turnout.