Oedipus is back for The ONE Festival.

Tickets: https://goo.gl/WqojTU

A prophecy, the inescapable destiny of a king, and an act of self-blinding so infamous the mere utterance of the play’s name evokes the image. Here, we present to you an elemental re-telling of the dark myth, all resting on the shoulders of one fearless actress….

Tue, Apr 25th (8pm)
Sat, Apr 29th (4pm)
Sun, Apr 30th (2pm)

Teatro Círculo NYC:  64 East 4th Street. New York, NY 10003

Emely Grisanty Estrella arrived in New York in 2016, an immigrant as many of us. She got a scholarship to study her Master’s Degree in Construction Management at NYU. As a kid, she always loved theater and continued to pursue it in NY.