These are the New York City women who appear on the videos during this month.

March is Women’s History Month and this March 8th is Women International Day. To highlight the role that women have played in the Big Apple, Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched “NYC Women: Make it Here, Make it Happen,” a video series produced by the Commission on Women’s Issues in collaboration with Emmy award-winning NYC Media that shines a spotlight on extraordinary women of New York City.

The series highlights individual women in one-minute interstitials that will air each day in the month of March on NYC Life. You can watch each video by clicking on a featured woman and their corresponding date. A 30-minute special will also air, premiering March 8th.

A lawyer from Queens, Mercedes Cano, was selected to speak during the launching of the video series. Click on this link to see all videos and Cano’s video is #7, This is part of her speech:

“It is an honor to be recognized amongst the other incredible women who are featured in this series,” said Mercedes Cano, who was featured in the video project.  “We each have different stories and backgrounds but there is a common thread that unites us. At many points in our lives, we faced situations that could have prevented us from becoming who we are today.  But instead of succumbing to our challenges, we rose above them.  I think it takes purpose, determination, tenacity and a positive attitude. Even if it means taking two steps back to go one step forward.”

Lawyer Mercedes Cano and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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