Now you can get T-Mobile ONE – with HD video streaming and 10 GB high-speed Mobile Hotspot data!

Oh, and TWO more little things

  • ICYMI, T-Mobile ONE customers ALSO get 2x faster free global roaming than before (256kbps vs 128kbps) in 140+ countries and destinations when they opt in for these benefits! All at no extra charge.
  • We’re also dropping the price of T-Mobile ONE Plus to just $5! That means you can get unlimited Wi-Fi on your smartphone on Gogo enabled flights for just $5 at T-Mobile! That’s along with Voicemail to Text, Name ID, 2x the international data speeds, 10GB of high speed tethering and HD video.

T-Mobile ONE INCLUDES taxes and fees, on a network that is neck and neck with Verizon for speed and LTE availability!

And right now, for a limited time at T-Mobile, you can get 2 unlimited lines of T-Mobile ONE with taxes and fees INCLUDED for only $100!  All of this is available for T-Mobile @work customers, too!