Barzola Restaurante serves Ecuadorian food in Queens. Photo Javier Castaño

The Queens Chamber of Commerce is starting 2011 with The Restaurant Boot Camp, a full calendar of events dedicated to the 5,067 restaurants in our borough. Most of them are small family owned businesses, and they will face new requirements by the City of New York, which will post letter grades that correspond to evaluation scores resulting from  sanitary inspections.

To run a successful restaurant, one must know how to manage employees and expenses, as well as decipher which licenses are required. This Restaurant Boot Camp will help clarify all the basic requirements to get a restaurant up and running in New York City.

Today restaurants are facing serious business challenges. The Restaurant Boot Camp will be free of charge, offered by the Queens Chamber of Commerce and NYC Business Solutions. It is  the ideal place to learn how to avoid large fines by knowing the regulations regarding minimum wage, overtime vs. shift pay, uniforms, and worker’s compensation.

The first Restaurant Boot Camp seminar of 2011 will be held on Thursday, January 13 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at the Bulova Corporate Center in conjunction with The NYC Business Solutions. The workshop will cover topics of interest for both the first-time and experienced food business owners, like how to apply for the right licenses and permits or how to use a new online license information system in your business. If you are already running your restaurant, do not miss this opportunity to learn valuable information to upgrade your business and comply with the grade (or grade pending) card implemented in July 2010 by New York City Health Department.

The second Restaurant Boot Camp will be in Spanish on Tuesday on February 1, 2011, 10 am at Natives Theater and Restaurant.

The last workshop of the trimester will be in March in Chinese in conjunction with The Flushing Chinese Business Association.

The Queens Chamber of Commerce offers a great opportunity to make your dream come true in a professional and affordable way for small and medium size restaurants in Queens…spread the word.