Outstanding Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students at Queensborough Community College have been awarded National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF REU) summer internships.  The award includes $4,000-$5,000 for an eight to ten-week period, including housing and, in most cases, transportation and/or food subsidy.

Queensborough CollegeTypically each year some 200 applications are submitted for an NSF REU summer internship opportunity that is being awarded to a post undergraduate science institution. Approximately 12 internships are awarded in each case, mostly to juniors and seniors at four-year colleges. Community college students are rarely awarded such a prestigious opportunity. Queensborough’s students however have been fortunate to be selected on a regular basis since 2007. Past recipients include NSF REUs to (but not limited to) Princeton (twice), Cornel University (twice), Vanderbilt University(twice), University of Pennsylvania  (five times),Binghamton University (eleven times), Rutgers University, Washington University, University of Mississippi, Georgia Tech, Georgetown University and Stony brook University (twice).

  • Xiaofang Yu, originally from China, will graduate from Queensborough this spring. Her undergraduate research, conducted under the guidance of her mentor, Dr. Sujun Wei, Chemistry, played a pivotal role in her acceptance to participate for the second year in a row in this summer’s NSF REU internship at the University of Pennsylvania.  Xiaofang Yu has been named a semi-finalist for the Barry Goldwater and Jack Kent Cook Undergraduate Research Transfer scholarships and, with the guidance of mentor Dr. Paris Svoronos, Chemistry, completed a summer internship at the Food and Drug Administration in Jamaica, New York. This coming fall she will continue her studies on a full scholarship at SUNY Binghamton.
  • Khushpreet Kaur, another spring graduate, will also conduct her summer research internship at the University of Pennsylvania. Like Xiaofang Yu, she completed a summer internship under the guidance of Dr. Svoronos, at the Food and Drug Administration and has been conducting research under Dr. Sunil Dehipawla in Physics. Khushpreet is originally from India.
  • Spring graduate Edison Mera will participate in the summer internship at SUNY Binghamton and continue there in the fall on a full scholarship. He has been conducting research under Dr. Svoronos on the determination of the ionization constant of carboxylic acids using microscale freezing point depression measurements
  • Juan Jaramillo, who hails from Colombia, was selected by Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory to work on improving methods for assessment of second hand smoke exposure for public health studies. His successful application was supported through the assistance of his mentor, Dr. Paul Marchese, Physics. He will graduate this spring.