VIA is a leader in share rides in New York City.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved a new airport access fee for pickups and dropoffs by taxis, hailed rides and pooled rides starting in October 2020.
As part of the vote, pooled rides, including those from Via, the leader in shared rides and vehicle utilization in New York City, will be subject to a $1.25 ground access fee each way as compared to a $2.50 ground access fee each way for every app-based private ride, a major step in encouraging shared transit as a way to reduce congestion on the streets and within crowded airports. Taxis rides will be subject to a $1.25 ground access fee on one way (either pickup or dropoff), which will increase to $1.75 in 2022.
«We applaud the Port Authority for making the important distinction between pooled rides, which help to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, and single passenger trips. Given the ambitious climate goals of New York and New Jersey, it makes sense for the Port Authority to be a leader in incentivizing multi-passenger pooled transportation over single-occupancy vehicles.» — Andrei Greenawalt, Head of Public Policy at Via.