This morning at a press conference dozens of Local 100’s Food Service Workers announced their participation in NYC May Day.  Over 4,300 unionized Food Service Workers across the country are rising up and sending a clear message to the Trump Administration that New York’s immigrant workers are here to stay, and that our union is proud to represent and welcome those of all races, all immigrants, and all religions.

“Our communities are under attack. Workers’ rights are human rights and we must stand united with workers and immigrants from across NY in solidarity.” Francisco Espinal, Prep cook, JFK Airport.

Food service workers took the first step towards joining thousands of fellow New Yorkers who will rise up on Monday, May 1 against Trump’s divisive agenda.

“Trump is threatening to strip unions of their ability to organize and fight for workers. We will fight back against any attempts to strip workers like myself of our rights to organize for better working conditions.” Gerard Cerda, Madison Square Garden, Bartender.

Worldwide, May 1 is recognized as International Workers’ Day. This year in New York, immigrants and working class New Yorkers will join a major mobilization in Foley Square to demand: an end to Donald Trump’s attacks on immigrant, refugee and Muslim communities; good jobs and the right to organize; and a federal budget that reflects our communities’ priorities, without a single dollar for a border wall or unjust immigration enforcement.

“We have the opportunity to show the trump administration that we the workers are united.” Carlos Herrera, Food service, NBC.

The rally, “Rise Up: Immigrant Rights and Workers’ Rights,” will be one of the largest May Day mobilizations in the country and is being organized by a coalition of immigrant rights groups, labor, faith and allied organizations, including UNITE HERE Local 100

“As a UNITE HERE Local 100 African American Leader I support the May Day Action for us to unite as one. This is a day that all workers, all races, all immigrants and all religions are coming together and fight back against the administrations agenda to divide us as a people.” Cheryl Brandon, Lead Organizer, Local 100

UNITEHERE! Local 100 represents over 15,000 union members in cafeterias, executive dining rooms, restaurants, bars, delis, airports, sports and exhibition halls and performing arts centers throughout New York City, Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey.