I take the liberty to name this article after a famous play written by William Shakespeare called “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.” Why you may ask? Because like Mr. Shakespeare’s play the uproar over the firing of the remaining 46 US Attorneys appointed by former President Barack Obama, by US Attorney General Mr. Jeff Sessions is not that unusual and we should remember that many of our former presidents did the same thing upon entering office.

Now back to Shakespeare

A rough definition of Mr. Shakespeare’s title “Much Ado About Nothing” goes like this: a situation that causes a lot of public fuss, but is not all that significant or unusual in the scheme of things

Let me share some facts with you: 

  • 1. A US Attorney is the chief prosecutor for the federal government in criminal cases and in civil cases. In civil cases they act as the plaintiff or defendant throughout the 94 districts which they cover nationwide.
  • 2. A US Attorney is appointed by the President of the United States for a 4 year term of office and must be confirmed by the Senate.
  • It is normal for newly elected US Presidents to fire all if not most of the US Attorneys who were hired by the exiting President and this is especially true if the former President was from another political party than the new president.
It is very important to understand the following: it is traditional for all 94 of the current US Attorneys appointed by the exiting president to submit letters of resignation to the newly elected president. Why? Well, this is because the position is a political appointment and the US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the new President. If the newly elected President is a member of an opposition party their resignation letters are usually accepted, there is no reason to fir them. If they do not tender letters of resignation, they get the old pink slip aka Mr. Preet Bharara. The new appointed US Attorneys are usually members of the same political party that the new President belongs to.

NOTE: When Bill Clinton was elected president he asked his newly appointed US Attorney General Ms. Janet Reno to fire all 94 US Attorneys who worked under former President George Bush in 1993. What is interesting to note is that no major or minor network channels or radio stations made much of a stink about the move in 1993. Another interesting fact is that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who was an extremely successful US Attorney for New Jersey and much acclaimed for prosecuting scores of corrupt New Jersey politicians, tendered his letter of resignation knowing he would be fired anyway if he did not, by in-coming President Barack Obama.
What should also be of interest to the reader here is that the current US Attorney General, Mr. Jeff Sessions was fired from his US Attorney position – Southern District of Alabama -when President Bill Clinton took office.

How will this game of musical chairs at the 94 US Attorney’s offices impact the residents of Jackson Heights? I do not believe it will make much of a ripple in the water.
Why? Because President Trump will have his hands full fighting with Multi-National Corporations that do not want to return to the USA and be forced to create hundreds of thousands of jobs employing American citizens, who will demand much higher wages than those corporations currently pay in foreign countries. He must create those promised jobs in all 50 states, many of which were devastated by the same industrial giants when they left for foreign countries years before to escape the high wages demanded by US workers. In addition, the jobs losses in many of the most devastated areas of the US were paid excellent living wages, well over 50 years ago and anti-union, President Trump is against raising the current minimum wage. Heaven knows what all this will mean for the rank and file US Citizen looking for work and or any other worker trying to make a living in our country. He has promised to make us a well-respected nation worldwide and we all know this means more military spending and fighting in foreign countries. Well, this is evident with his recent act of sending 60 Tomahawk missiles airborne to destroy a Syrian military compound accused of launching a chemical weapons attack and killing innocent Syrian civilians in opposition to President Assad. The act shows President Trump is well on his way to creating the jobs and fulfilling his promise, but at what price no one knows at this time. A war is always good for the old USA economy, we all know! And we must not forget the promised wall between the USA and Mexico, which he vowed would be paid for by the Mexican government and stop the flow of undocumented aliens into the United States of America.

Now back to the US Attorneys, we should note that US Attorney’s usually fight highly visible white collar crimes and civil cases. They have not been known to chase undocumented aliens in the past and are unlikely to do so much of this in the future. Well, Mr. Sessions may take his job a bit more seriously and view every undocumented person in our country as a criminal and this will be especially true if you are employed in criminal activities in the USA, whoever you are you will have a problem under Mr. Sessions, acting as the new sheriff in town. If you do not fall into either of these categories take a deep breath and relax. President Trump will have his hands full for a number of years building the economy, building a wall and chasing documented and undocumented criminals throughout our fair country. Oh yes, and making America great again, let’s not forget that one!  Hey, his hands are full regarding keeping his campaign promises and he has less than 4 years to accomplish this almost impossible mission. All this and hostile Republicans and Democrats in congress that never wanted him in the White House in the first place, boy is he ever in a very uncomfortable position, without much maneuvering room!

Hey all, take a deep breath, stay calm and by all means carry on! Our President wrote: The Art of the Deal, and we all hope he will find a better way for the country. This should be true whether you voted for him or not!
We Hope!
By: Lawrence Kenchen