«Nora’s Will» is a Mexican Jewish comedy, a truly unique tale about lost faith and eternal love from writer/director Mariana Chenillo. It opens Friday, October 15 in Manhattan. When Jose’s ex-wife Nora dies right before Passover, Jose is forced to stay with her body until it can be buried properly. He soon realizes it’s all part of Nora’s plan to bring her family back together, leading Jose to reexamine their relationship and rediscover their undying love for each other.

Exclusive at The Paris Theatre (4 West 58 Street) in Manhattan. Telephone: (212) 688-3800


Nora had a plan. It would bring her ex-husband, Jose, and the rest of their family together for a magnificent Passover feast. But there is a flaw in her plan- a mysterious photograph from the past, hidden under the bed, which leads Jose to reexamine their relationship and rediscover their undying love for each other.


Winner, Jury Award (Best Director, Best First Film) – Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
Winner, Best Film – Mar del Plata International Film Festival
Winner, Silver St. George (Best Director) – Moscow International Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award – Miami International Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award – Morelia International Film Festival
Winner, A.F.C.A.E Award for Best Film – Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema
Winner, Best Mexican Film – Expresion en Corto International Film Festival
Winner, Grand Coral (Third Prize) – Havana Film Festival
Winner, Silver Colon (Best Actor – Fernando Lujan) – Huelva Latin American Film Festival
Winner, Best Screenplay – Skip City International D-Cinema Festival

Film Details:

Country of Origin: Mexico
Original Language: Spanish
Running Time: 90 Minutes

Fernando Luján / José
Cecilia Suárez / Bárbara
Ari Brickman / Rubén
Verónica Langer / Aunt Leah
Enrique Arreola / Moisés
Angelina Peláez / Fabiana
Silvia Mariscal / Nora
Marina de Tavira / Young Nora
Juan Pablo Medina / Young José
Juan Carlos Colombo / Dr. Nurko
Martin LaSalle / Rabbi Kolatch
Max Kerlow / Rabbi Jackowitz

Mariana Chenillo

Mariana Chenillo

Laura Imperiale