Macy’s New York City Flagship Showcases a Floral Spectacular from March 25 through April 8

Enter a world of magic, imagination, and wonder as the Macy’s Flower Show® opens the first chapter of Spring with Once Upon a Springtime.  Macy’s annual floral spectacular will bloom at Herald Square in New York City beginning Sunday, March 25 and sprouting through Sunday, April 8.  Once Upon a Springtime will transform the iconic store into enchanted gardens where the beauty and renewal of the spring season meets the whimsy of a fairytale journey.

For more than 70 years, Macy’s Flower Show has delighted generations of floral aficionados with over-the-top presentations of lavish gardens that showcase millions of live flowers, plants and trees from around the globe. Native to many different landscapes, Macy’s Flower Show features floral material blooming in unison despite their unique climatic DNA. Taking root in unexpected settings such as store countertops, windows, and specially-designed architecture, including grand bridges, columns and topiaries, Macy’s Flower Show is staged in distinct fashion at each of the three flagship locations nationwide.

This year’s themed celebration will bring to floral life an original twist on classic fairytales, creating a world of personified flora and fauna, princesses, evil queens, fairy godmothers, and noble knights that lead to a wondrous journey.

As visitors enter the show, they will have the ability to choose their own adventure, based on how they begin their trip through the floral fantasy land. From a towering castle where the Princess resides to a meadow of brightly colored flowers, an enchanted forest, and lush lagoon; spectators will play a part in Spring’s triumph over eternal Winter.

In addition to the magnificent landscaped gardens, Flower Show spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy a host of special in-store events including floral, food, and fashion demonstrations, celebrity appearances, and more during the two weeks the show is in full bloom.

Macy’s springtime tradition is supported in part thanks to signature partners including Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Homewood Suites® by Hilton®, and Sinclair Oil Corporation.

Free to the public, Macy’s Flower Show will be open during regular store hours.  For additional information about these events visit or contact the Macy’s Flower Show Hotline at (212) 494-4495.

Macy's Flower Show 2018 copyOnce Upon a Springtime Gardens:

Spring’s Castle Garden

Discover the magical kingdom of Spring and immerse yourself in our story, literally! The grand entrance to this year’s show invites you to enter the castle tower and transport yourself to a storybook land, alive with a vibrant palette of spring blooms. Look for some of our favorites: Flowering Almond Shrub Myrtle Topiary, Pink Hyacinth, Pink Roses, Stargazer Lilies and Purple Vanda Orchids.

The Knight’s Quarters

A stroll through Spring’s castle leads you through the valiant and majestic Knight’s Quarters, handsomely appointed with a brilliant spring garden. Look closely and you’ll see Japanese Maple ‘Sango Kaku’, Weeping Japanese Maple, Cercis ‘Covey Twist’, Cytisus ‘Woodbine Orange’, Purple Calla Lily, Purple Tulips, Orange Ornithogalum and Forsythia.

The Fairy Godmother’s Cottage Garden

Nestled high in the mountains in a fictional fairytale land, this quaint little hideaway is brimming with happiness, color and all the gorgeous spring flora one could wish for: Primrose, Ginestra, Weeping Crabapple Tree, and Girard’s Fuchsia Azalea.

Ellia by Homedics Mystical Garden

Escape to a tranquil retreat off the beaten path to a misty and mystical fountain garden celebrating the senses with fragrant fulfilling scents.  Featured here: Lemongrass, Orange Calamondin, Pink Calathea Gecko, Maidenhair Fern, Peppermint, Mini Roses, Primula Obconica, Echeveria, Afterglow, Hellebore, Yellow Calla Lily; plus cut Roses, Lavender, Eucalyptus spiral, and silver dollar.

The Meadows Bridge

A hop, skip and a jump down the garden path leads through the meadows, and a dappled composition of spring pastels and brights! We love most: the Spirea ‘Golden Flame’, Spirea ‘Little Princess’, Weigela ‘Spilled Wine’, Foxtail Fern, Primula Obconica, Lemon Cypress Tree, Sunflowers and Larkspur.

The Enchanted Forest

Lose yourself in the enchanted Forest, an enveloping landscape of wonder and mystery at every twist and turn. Each of the bridges in this central garden tells a different story, from the lush and overgrown blanket of summer to the cool and bare edges of winter. Keep an eye out for hidden fauna throughout, including one that cannot be missed   our magnificent dragon breathing fire across the land, melting the snow and thus, restoring Spring. There’s so much more to see here:

On Bridge 1: Spiral Arborvitae, Double Ball Juniper, Pom-Pom Juniper, Azalea ‘Amagasa’, Red Anthuriums, White Ornithogalum and Orange Tulips.

On Bridge 2: Azalea ‘Stewartsonia’, Amethyst Falls Wisteria, Cotoneaster ‘Red Leaf’, Euphorbia ‘Firesticks’, Croton ‘Sloppy Painter’, Purple Hyacinths, Purple Hydrangea and Manzanita Branche

On Bridge 3: Goldenchain Tree, Exbury Azaleas, Mahonia and Yellow Asiatic Lilies.

On Bridge 4: Mugo Pine, Norway Spruce, ‘Thunderhead’ Pine Tree, Crabapple ‘Cardinal’ Tree, Weigela “Wine and Roses’, Pink Hellebores and White Hydrangea

The Lagoon

A moment of tranquility at the heart of the Enchanted Forest, a misty waterfall flows through a magical formation of rocks, flowers and plantings. Here you’ll find: Rhododendron ‘Lee’s Dark Purple’, Calathea, Coral Cactus, African Violets, White Calandiva and Blue Phalaenopsis Orchids.

The Traveler’s Wagon

Along your journey through the Enchanted Forest, you might just happen upon the Traveler’s wagon, a wondrous vessel brimming with an eclectic mix of curated floral finds!  Browse his collection of marvelous specimens: Variegated Ivy, Azaleas, Asiatic Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Kolanchoes, Tulips, and Primrose; plus cut Lisianthus, Roses, Delphinium, Alstroemeria and Gloriosa Lilies.

The Snow Queen’s Winter Castle

Brrrrrr!  You’ll feel a chill in the air as you come across the magnificent ice fortress of our cold-hearted villainess. Nevertheless, the beauty of her snow-covered kingdom draws us in.  We can’t help but love her Blue Spruce, Viburnum ‘Opulus Roseum’, Weeping Cherry Tree, White Hellebores, Blue Hydrangea, Bromeliad Aechmea ‘Fasciata’, Bismark Palm, Blue Star Fern and 0White Gypsophila.

The Ladybugs Tea Party Garden

Just above the main floor balcony is where you’ll find a brisk spot of tea and the very best view of this year’s Macy’s Flower Show. The ladies have gone all out to set a magnificent table setting of Espaliered Pear Tree, Calamondin Orange Tree, Rhododendron ‘Capistrano’, Ranunculus, Erica, Bird’s Nest Fern and Wheat Grass.

The Dungeon Photo Opportunity

Capture yourself in the story! Peek behind the bars of the dungeon, decorated in the dark and mysterious beauty of Agave Attenuata, Dendrobium Orchids, Barrel Cactus and

Red Caladium.

The Ice Throne Photo Opportunity

Cast yourself as the icy Snow Queen and take a seat in her ominous photo setting. Don’t get too comfortable – this is sure to be the most coveted seat in the house! Surrounding your majesty: Blue Cineraria, White Azalea, Blue Hydrangea, Calathea ‘Holiday, White Anthuriums and White Phalaenopsis Orchids.

In addition to the magnificent gardens presented on the Main Floor, visitors to this year’s Flower Show will have the opportunity to experience our specialty gardens:

Dino’s Magical Mirror Garden

Let your imagination run wild! Make pretend with Dino the friendly dinosaur and take a good look in his mirror, where he sees himself as a mystical dragon! Sinclair Oil’s fantasy castle garden is bursting with color: Azalea Stewartsonia, Spiral Juniper, Guzmania, Veriegated Red Neoregella, Calathea Rattlesnake, Giant Iris Foliage, Dracena Colorama, Blue Hydrangea, Yellow Kalanchoe and Orange Ornithogalum.