Carlos Freire is an Ecuadorian-born documentary filmmaker who spent the past two years traveling around the world with President Rafael Correa. His story is especially inspiring because he is a cancer survivor. Freire is also a full-time employee at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, Queens as multimedia project coordinator, and a graduate student.

More about Carlos Freire:

  • As director of photography for President Correa, or “Presidente” as he calls him, Carlos has accompanied him on recent trips to China, Saudi Arabia, and NYC – documenting President Correa’s visits to Beijing, Shanghai, and the Great Wall of China, and to the king’s palace in Saudi Arabia. Every day Carlos and his crew would edit a 3-minute piece to air on Ecuadorian National TV, and then create a 30-min. documentary at the end of each trip.
  • Freire, age 42, is a graduate from LaGuardia Community College, where he holds an Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree in Media Studies. Later he received a bachelor’s in film from Brooklyn College and an MFA in documentary production from City College.
  • He started LaGuardia Community College in 2001, but had to interrupt his studies for seven years after being diagnosed with a sarcoma in his leg. One doctor wanted to amputate his right leg, but fortunately, he learned about a different doctor doing experimental research to treat his type of cancer. The treatment saved Carlos’ leg, and he survived cancer. “This experience changed my perspective about many things in life,” said Freire.
  • In 2008, Carlos came back to LaGuardia to finish his degree. While at LaGuardia, Freire entered a contest to make a trailer for horror film made by a faculty member, called Mark of the Beast. Not only did he win two prizes, but he also got hired in LaGuardia’s Marketing and Communications Department! His LaGuardia boss has become a mentor to Carlos, pushing him to pursue his graduate studies.
  • “Although I am extremely busy, these trips provide huge opportunities– travel, meet people, build my portfolio, and to eat exotic food.” (Carlos likes to try local exotic specialties on his travels; in China he sampled scorpions and snakes, and in Saudi Arabia he enjoyed camel).

This is the link to Carlos Freire’s website to view his portfolio of documentary films, including those made for President Correa.