Michelle Marie con su instrumento favorito.

Michelle Marie nació en la cuidad de Nueva York. Hija de Carmen Ceverino, una conocida artista de la Republica Dominicana. Desde pequeña Michelle se dejó seducir de la música y sabía que sería artista.
Le pidió a sus padres una batería, pero le dijeron que no, y entonces escogió la guitarra como instrumento musical. Estudió mucho y en un año ya estaba tocando con el grupo de su mamá en México, Suramérica y los Estados Unidos.
Su encuentro con el jazz fue en un atardecer cuando estaba escuchando música en su casetera mientras paseaba en bicicleta. Michelle se inspiró tanto con ésta nueva música, escuchando al grupo Pat Metheny, que entonces decidió dedicarse al estudio del jazz y eligió a Sir Roland Hanna como guía.

Michelle Marie ha estado con su grupo de jazz en los festivales de Italia, Seattle, Colorado, Arizona, Boston, Heineken Jazz Festival de Puerto Rico, la República Dominicana y Washington DC.

A Michelle Marie le fascina interpretar las canciones que verdaderamente siente en el fondo de su corazón. “Siento que el jazz es parte de mí vida y la música es la máxima expresión de la imágines y las emociones en la vida”, comenta esta artista latina que vive en Queens.
Michelle Marie posee una maestría en jazz performance.

Michelle Marie is the daughter of Dominican performer and recording artist Carmen Severino.

In English.

The hushed ambiance of guitarist Michelle Marie’s compositions, accented with graceful melodic gestures and vocal caresses, seem to extend from the artist’s soft-spoken personality.  The depth of Michelle Marie’s guitar playing seems to blur the line of instrument and person. It is as though the guitar is an extension of her personality. A vast array of intricate, inventive melodic lines flows effortlessly. Michelle Marie’s harmonic sense is highly developed with lots of open and sometimes dissonant bi-tonal progressions. The overall sound is very evocative, otherworldly,  and challenging to the listener.” Self-taught and one of the female guitar players on the jazz scene today, Michelle Marie’s original compositions and arrangements create an incredible, impressionistic atmosphere.  With influences spanning from the music of Debussy and Ravel to Rock, and Brazilian music, Michelle Marie engages in intimate moments with audiences internationally. With her music, she conveys her sense of the external world: “Sound is music: the rain, the wind, the sky. Music is an expression of life as we see it.»

Michelle grew passionate about music as a child while traveling on musical tours with her mother, the Dominican performer and recording artist Carmen Severino. After failed attempts at convincing her parents to buy her a drum set, she chose to focus on the guitar. She immediately felt connected to the instrument, and taught herself to play.

Michelle initially found inspiration from rock guitarists Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, and Randy Rhoads. However, while riding her bike on a brisk fall evening as a 15-year-old, she discovered where her musical path was leading. Flipping through radio stations on her Walkman, she came across Pat Metheny’s “Are You Going With Me.” Stunned, she had to learn more. She searched for a month, without knowing the name of the song or the artist, until she finally found the recording by humming the theme to a salesman at a record store. Her dedication to the study of jazz had begun.

Her pursuit started by studying privately with legendary pianist Roland Hanna, who held a teaching position at Queens College in Flushing, New York. Prior to Hanna’s mentorship, Michelle taught herself  to play guitar, and relying mostly on her ear and intuition instead of formal training. She was troubled by her inability to read music, but Hanna recognized her talent and ambition.

Spurred by Hanna’s assertive yet sage teaching style, Michelle excelled at her studies, and it was then that she began to understand her own music in terms of traditional music theory. She realized that the harmonies and rhythms resonating in her mind were unconventional and alluring. Putting her new analytic skills to use, she learned to translate her inner music into a personal composition style.

Despite not having set out to earn a degree, she earned a B.A. with majors in both music and media communications, and a minor in journalism. She went on to earn her M.F.A. in jazz performance.

Since then, she has performed her sonorous brand of introspective jazz all over the world. In recent years, she has established herself as one of a few female jazz guitarists, performing at Blues Alley in Washington, D.C, at the 2007 Heinekin Jazz Festival in the Dominican Republic, at Italy’s Lucca Jazz Festival, and at such renowned New York City venues as Carnegie Hall, Birdland, and Blue Note.
Beyond her success as a performer, Michelle created Michelle Marie Productions in 2000. The company, which is dedicated to the promotion and support of live jazz and world music, recently founded a small jazz festival in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The 2008 Michelle Marie Jazz festival presented an evening of music featuring Michelle’s trio, percussion virtuoso Felle Vega, and jazz star Antonio Sanchez’ trio. Also in 2008, Michelle founded MM Records, producing her own albums, as well as those by other artists.
Drawing from within to create intimate atmospheres and moods, Michelle Marie captivates audiences. “I love when I am able to touch a person with a melody. It is so much more for your pleasure than my own.”

«Michelle Marie’s guitar speaks in lush and subdued tones, from melancholy musings to sultry whispers.»

-Jacob Teichroew, about.com Guide to Jazz (http://jazz.about.com)

Michelle Marie is sensual.

April 1,2,3 2011 Michelle Marie jazz Festival
Arizona Jazz Festival, Heineken Jazz Festival in Dominican Republic
Ventana Heineken Jazz festival 2010 in Puerto Rico
Performed At NYC Central Park Solo guitar performance
“ Partnerships for Parks”
Selected to perform for the 2009 Woman’s history month jazz festival sponsored by Chase Manhattan Bank
Michelle Marie Productions presents Jazz Festival 2008 at the Hudson River Café with artists: Felle Vega Group, Michelle Marie trio, and  The Antonio Sanchez trio
March 2009 Michelle Marie trio at Dazzle Jazz club in Denver, and Blues Alley in Washington DC
Jazz festival for Dominican consulate in Washington DC July 2008
2007 Summer Seattle jazz «Thai Ku»
December 2007 in Washington DC for the Ibero guitar festival sponsored by embassy of Spain, Portugal, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic, two world premiers of Michelle Marie’s latest solo guitar works were performed.
Performed for the 2007 Dominican republic jazz festival sponsored by Heineken—–http://jazzendominicana.blogspot.com/2007/10/dr-jazz-festival-michelle-marie-el.html —–http://www.dominicantoday.com/app/article.aspx?id=25923