By Arnoldo Torres

On Monday, I watched the Republican National Convention on its opening day. I saw a sea of delegates who represent one version of this nation. I saw speakers who appealed to the “silent majority” of the past and implied that only they care about this nation. I saw other speakers who denied the realities that other Americans experience and even painted them as the problem.

Talk about emotional exploitation!

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the presumptive Republican nominee, showed herself to be truly disconnected when she said: “This (convention) really is about a forward-looking moment.”

Really? They say she’s the smart one. Yet her statement reaffirms the dangerous realities that her father has re-created and given new legitimacy.
The Republican Party should put away its dog whistle. Speakers should not use “Trump” and “God” in the same sentence. We cannot return to John Wayne movies and “Leave It To Beaver” episodes.

Yet the delegates seem happy with themselves, their version of America, and their claim that anyone who disagrees is not a real American.

There was nothing unifying about the first day of the Republican National Convention — unless, of course, the party’s goal was to unify white voters.

This column appeared in MOSH.US

Arnoldo Torres is a well known CA-based policy analyst and

long-time Spanish language media commentator.