5 Point Plan Will Build Senior Center, Reduce Traffic Congestion,

Fight Rent Increases, Invest in Youth & After School, and Job Creation
Francisco Moya, Democrat for City Council, District 21, stood with community leaders to unveil his five point plan to address urgent community needs in LeFrak City. Responding to the feedback from his extensive conversations with local residents, Moya produced the plan for LeFrak to enact as the next City Council Member for the district.
«LeFrak City is a special place to live for many families and seniors and they deserve investments here to improve quality of life and keep our community affordable,» said Assemblyman Francisco Moya, Democrat for City Council. «I developed this five point plan after talking with local residents about the challenges facing the LeFrak City community –  especially strengthening tenant protections and fighting rent increases. As the next City Council Member, I look forward to working with local leaders to bring positive changes to the community.»
«I am proud to stand with Francisco Moya today to present his ambitious and innovative five point plan for LeFrak City,» said Congressman Joe Crowley(D-Queens, the Bronx). «LeFrak City provides many families, working people, and seniors with an affordable place to live in New York City but that opportunity is under threat. Moya’s plan will help keep LeFrak City affordable for those who already live here with tenant protections and fighting rent increases. Additionally, his proposal to build a job opportunity center will help connect the local community to the higher paying jobs of the future.»
«I support Francisco Moya because he has a smart plan to improve LeFrak City for the folks that live here. His proposal to build a senior center in LeFrak CIty will be a very important addition to the lives of many retirees here,» said Barbara Jackson, LeFrak City community leader. «I also agree that we must reduce traffic congestion on our local streets. Our community shouldn’t be burdened with unsafe intersections and parking chaos.»
«Francisco Moya’s five point plan is a great path forward for our community,» said Debra Hargrove, LeFrak City community leader. «Francisco understands that investing in youth with after-school programming, sports leagues, and academic enrichment is one of the best ways to keep kids out of trouble and get them into productive situations to further their potential. I can’t wait to work with him as the next City Councilman to bring more opportunities to LeFrak City.»
Moya’s Five Point Plan for LeFrak City includes:
As your next City Council Member, I will make building a new senior center in LeFrak City a top priority. LeFrak City has an important population of retirees and older residents that deserve to have access to a nearby facility with programming and services for seniors. I pledge to invest City Council capital dollars towards constructing a new senior center inside LeFrak City.
Children are our future and we need to invest in their success. I understand firsthand how important youth employment opportunities are because when I was growing up in here in Corona, it helped me get my first job. As your next City Council Member, I will work to expand funding for Summer Youth Employment Programs and I seek to increase the number of BEACON After school programs in our community. Keeping our youth engaged helps working parents know that their children are staying out of trouble and gaining meaningful experience for their future.
The success of the Queens Center Mall and the Rego Park retail stores have made driving and walking in our community a mess. Shoppers drive into our community and clog up most of the surrounding roads, especially Junction Blvd and Horace Harding Expressway,  that are critically important to us. We need to reduce traffic congestion to improve pedestrian safety, remove pollution, and benefit our resident’s commutes. As your next City Council Member, I will work with the Dept of Transportation to fix this growing challenge to our community by looking at traffic control signal changes, parking management solutions, and increased traffic enforcement.
Many residents are struggling to stay in LeFrak City and are fighting to afford the apartments they already live in. Unfortunately, many residents will get hit with permanent rent increases when a landlord does a «capital improvement» inside the building. Landlords pass the cost of these improvements ( such as new windows, boilers, etc) onto renters even after the cost of the work is paid off which is not fair to residents of rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments. As your next City Council Member, I will fight MCI rent increases from becoming permanent by introducing legislation to revamp this program to make sure that residents have transparency in their bills with MCIs line itemed out, that renters can challenge rent increases that continue to be charged even after the improvement is puf off, and obtain resources to stay in their own homes.
We need to prepare our communities for higher paying, middle class jobs that are increasingly in high demand. We also need to help to folks move up within their companies and organizations and achieve their full potential as managers and executives. That is why I will seek to create a job opportunity center in LeFrak City as your next City Council Member. This center will help create a pipeline to connect local residents with skilled job opportunities in solar energy, computer coding, and health care.
About Francisco Moya: Francisco Moya is running as a Democrat for the New York City Council, District 21. Moya was first elected to represent the 39th New York State Assembly District in 2010. Ever since his election, he has been a leader in the State Assembly on legislation to raise the minimum wage, reform the criminal justice system, and strengthen tenant protections and reduce homeowner costs.