America ReFramed continues its programming this fall/winter season on Tuesday nights at 8PM on the WORLD Channel. The award-winning series presents a selection of diverse films that highlight innovative and artistic approaches to storytelling from emerging and veteran filmmakers alike. Co-produced by WGBH and AmDoc (producers of the acclaimed POV documentary series on PBS), the documentaries will immerse you in personal stories from the streets of towns big and small to the exburbs and country roads that span the spectrum of American life.

October 10th on America ReFramed: Farewell Ferris Wheel  * Note: free streaming online starting October 11th at www.americareframed,org

Carnivals have a delightful place in the American imagination, with childhood memories of family fun, fantasy, and summer love. But rising expenses and changes in U.S. labor patterns mean this national pastime is nearly extinct. Farewell Ferris Wheel is an inside look at the struggles of an industry trying to stay alive by employing Mexican migrant workers with a controversial visa.

Filmed over the span of six years, the film follows a carnival owner, a labor-recruiter, and workers from a small town in Mexico who join the carnival legally on seasonal visas. Farewell Ferris Wheel is an honest on-the-ground portrait of the financial, emotional and physical challenges they all face.

Documentaries on America Reframed.

Documentaries on America Reframed.

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DEEJ 10/17/2017

by Robert Rooy

DJ Savarese, or Deej, is a gifted, young writer and an advocate for nonspeaking autistic persons. Part love story, part coming-of-age story, this film chronicles the courageous quest to “find freedom.” A deep, unflinching exploration of what it really takes to make the goals of “inclusion” and “disability rights” a reality.

ON A KNIFE EDGE 11/07/2017

by Jeremy Williams

George Dull Knife is a Lakota teenager whose growing political awareness leads him on a collision course with the police and the reservation’s tribal council. The documentary follows George’s evolving sense of self, as his growing leadership role forces him to define the concepts of warrior, tradition, and duty in new ways.