Last week, nearly 75 members from DRUM, immigrant communities, and allies gathered outside of Senator Schumer’s New York City office for a press conference and rally calling for the Senator to reject the racist principles behind Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and to defund hate in the budget and spending bills.

But immediately after our rally, Senator Schumer released a statement saying we need a «bipartisan deal to pass the DREAM Act along with tough border security measures.» We do not need a Dream Act tied to increased funding for border enforcement and this goes against Senator Schumer’s very own commitment to a «clean Dream Act»! How can a Dream Act be clean if it is linked to border militarization and enforcement?

Our demands for Senator Schumer are that he:
1) Take a public stand and action against both interior and border enforcement in the federal budget and spending bills
2) Pass a clean Dream Act
3) Commit to working to make significant cuts to ICE and CBP’s budget

We need you to take action to tell Senator Schumer to stay true to his commitment for a clean Dream Act

Please take a minute to make your voice heard and amplify the demands of our community by contacting Senator Schumer’s office.

CALL Senator Schumer’s office at 202-224-6542:

«Hello, my name is [first and last name]. I’m calling on behalf of DRUM and the Defund Hate campaign, and I want Senator Schumer to oppose funding for detentions, deportations, and border militarization. The Senator made a promise for a ‘clean’ Dream Act, and any border militarization and enforcement undermines that commitment. This funding fuels agencies like ICE and CBP which have a long track record of lying, hiding information and retaliating against those who speak out against them. We need to use public funds for needed resources like healthcare, education and housing, instead of feeding this hateful machine. We demand that Senator Schumer publicly commit to significant cuts to ICE and CBP, and not use immigrant youth and the Dream Act as a pawn in exchange for border militarization. We need the Senator to support a real clean Dream Act.»

If you get a person on the phone: «Senator Schumer made a commitment to a celan Dream Act. How can it be a ‘clean’ Dream Act if it is linked to border militarization and enforcement? [wait for an answer. If bad/non-committal, reiterate: Given the attacks on our communities, Senator Schumer ’should be decreasing the funds allocated to CBP and ICE and border enforcement. These agencies have long track records of shameful and abusive behavior and are causing harm in our communities every day. I encourage Senator Schumer to speak out against this terrible use of our taxpayer dollars. Thank you for your time.»