Dazz 2010-2011 Calendar.

Dazz was born in the Dominican Republic and came to NY at the tender age of 13. She lives in Queens. Since she was a little child, she always dreamed of going into the entertainment business. She started designing clothes for her dolls and continued doing this into adulthood. She quickly found out that because of her tall and slender frame, clothing did not fit her appropriately so she would always make her own clothing.

Singing with little girls was also another of her favorite things to do when she was a child. Playing with her grandma’s kitchen utensil as musical instruments and singing with a long-play record of «maricela» was an everyday occasion for her. At the age of 7, she organized her first fashion show in her aunt’s «patio» with 15 little girls that were the same age as her and with an audience of more than 50 people, including children and adults.

Since her arrival from the Dominican Republic, she has participated in many modeling events and has even taken numerous modeling classes at renowned schools in New York City.

Among some of the local modeling shows she has participated in are included: Sunilda Gonell Fashion Expose, Tiffany Modeling Inc, Elizabeth M New York, Super Model NY and Mundo Hispano. She also participated in two plays: «First Day of Winter» and «Venue of a Port» with Roselyn Sanchez (rush hour 2) and Marcelo Rodriguez from Spanish soup «Cara Sucia». In 2000, organized numerous fashion shows and fund-raisers for the government in the Dominican Republic.

She graduated as a cosmetologist, photographer, Offices Specialist using QuickBooks, Graphic Design and Web designer, and has also taken a series of acting courses in «El Teatro Rodante Puertoriqueño».

Currently, she is working on different projects as an actress in the movie by the name of «Los Mamberos.” She has also been featured as a model for music videos and fashion shows. And has been selected to appear in modelventure, magazine.

DAZZ is very down to earth, fun and hard working person. Her Goal is to take the message to our youth that dreams can become a reality with a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

To see more pictures of this hot model who knows how to sing and dance, you can visit www.dazz24k.com o become her fan in facebook.com/dazz24k. Take a look at this gallery of photos to appreciate her beauty: