La concejal Julissa Ferreras, demócrata de Queens, está buscando que la mujer aprenda destrezas que conduzcan a su independencia. Por eso planificó un taller para que aprendan a conocer los autos, su mecanismo y su lenguaje. Se llama ‘Taller de empoderamiento de la mujer’ y será en un taller de Flushing.

La concejal también se manifestó en contra del ataque a Víctor Mejia (leer más abajo en inglés), quien está muy grave y requiere la ayuda de la comunidad para pagar sus gastos de hospitalización.

Council Member Ferreras Offers Support to Beaten Resident

Helps Establish Donation Fund to Pay for Medical Expenses

New York City Council Member Julissa Ferreras has helped to establish a fund on behalf of District 21 resident Victor Mejia, a deliveryman who remains in a coma after being savagely beaten in a robbery the evening of November 5.

“Mr. Mejia is a hard working immigrant whose family depends on his meager salary for survival,” said Council Member Ferreras.  “I urge everyone who can contribute even a dollar or two to do so.”

The Council Member, who appeared at Elmhurst Hospital last night by the side of Mr. Mejia’s wife, Candelaria Rodriguez, offered her sympathy to his family and expressed outrage at the viciousness of the attack.  Mr. Mejia sustained massive cranial injury in the attack, which was carried out by two men armed with a baseball bat.  The two suspects are in custody and are being held without bail.

Contributions to Mr. Mejia can be made to an account that was established at TD Bank.  The account number for donations is #4249506431.