Superheroes in comics protect us from evildoers, but in a new spin and with the aid of Con Edison, they teach gas safety.

That’s the message Con Edison is sharing at the New York Comic Con convention this week. The utility is unveiling a mobile app called “Heroes” with a story called “Gassed.”

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“We want to encourage folks of all ages to learn the importance of gas safety,” said Chris Gallo, a Con Edison Customer Outreach Manager.  “The story teaches life-saving actions people can use if they suspect a gas leak or the potential of one.”

The story takes readers through the perils of a mysterious attack by Scarecrow’s fear toxin and Joker’s venom. The Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Flash and Cyborg), and Con Edison crews foil the attack.

The mobile app uses a new feature called Scrollon, which lets a user scroll through a pictorial without page breaks or borders. The viewer uses the touch screen to slide the image or advance to pre-set anchor points.

Con Edison partnered with DC comics to produce the “Heroes” app. For more than 10 years, the two have produced a variety of stories based off Justice League characters.

There are three places to get the free app:

  1. The Apple app store for iPhones and iPads.
  2. The Google play store for Android tablets and phones.
  3. At

To view and download an interview with Con Edison’s Chris Gallo, click here. The running time is 2:08.