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For the 10-24 June, the Human Rights Watch Film Festival returns to New York. This year we are proud to present one astounding documentary and one stirring narrative in association with Cinema Tropical, both of which take critical looks at the Mexican justice system.

Actors Jimmy Smits and Ana de la Reguera deliver commanding performances in this astonishing fictional account of the unending series of murders of young women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Find out more

Movie Backyard with actors Jimmy Smits and Ana de la Reguera.

Tuesday, June 22 6:15 |
Wednesday, June 23 9:00 | Presented in association with Cinema Tropical and WITNESS


In December 2005 Toño Zuniga was picked up off the street in Mexico City, Mexico, and sentenced to 20 years for a murder he knew nothing about. We are delighted that both filmmakers, Roberto Hernández and Geoffrey Smith, will be present for a discussion after the screenings.

Thursday, June 24 7:00 | Invite friends (reception to follow)
Presented in association with Cinema Tropical and El Museo del Barrio