Vaughn College Is the Best for Your Money

Vaughn College Is the Best for Your Money

Vaughn College a private, non-profit four-year college located in Flushing, has been named to Money Magazine’s 2017 “Best Colleges for Your Money” list. The list, published last week, highlights factors including affordability, quality of education and alumni success to rank 711 colleges and universities that offer students a solid investment for their future.

Money Magazine studied 2,400 colleges and used 27 data points to compile its final list. In its ranking, the magazine applauds Vaughn’s facilities and offerings, unique mix of academic programs, and the high-demand for jobs in the industries the College serves. Vaughn also claimed the highest socioeconomic mobility rate in Money’s rankings, echoing the College’s recent appointment as the top institution in the US for upward mobility by The Equality of Opportunity Project, as reported earlier this year in The New York Times. “More than a third of Vaughn’s students come from low income backgrounds, and of those, nearly half are able to advance into the upper middle class,” says Money Magazine.

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