Trump’s election: A Reality With a Poor Taste

Trump’s election: A Reality With a Poor Taste

By Arnoldo Torres

A new President was elected in the very early hours of Wednesday. We all woke up to a new reality that many of us thought was not possible- a clear and divided nation that cannot be hidden behind beautiful words, great imagery, an advertising campaign, apple pie and the American flag. That reality is not between the haves and have nots, the great inequality between the very rich and everyone else. That division has been with us for several decades now but despite all of the signs around us we neglected it and allowed it to simmer, cook, and create a very poor taste that many in this country could not swallow.

But this isn’t the division that was different this morning. This one was thrown at us with great insult and seemingly great joy—that 70 percent of white Americans claimed their ownership of the nation we thought was a part of millions of non-whites.

The media can describe it as they want, smooth transition of a brash tycoon to the White House, or this is politics and democracy at work. But for me I cannot ignore the demise of this society that will continue to fool itself of who and what it has become. It is my hope that we Latinos will be very thoughtful, reflective, and creative as we come to understand the nation many will still claim as our home. Let us not become what we have witnessed for the last 18 months. It is a very sobering challenge because something in us wants to do more this minute than just function as it is another day in America.

Arnoldo Torres is an expert on politics and immigration.