The Democratic Convention from Mexico City

The Democratic Convention from Mexico City

I watched the Democratic National Convention in Mexico City but many Mexicans continue to try and process the behavior and egomania of the Republican nominee. They were genuinely puzzled with how we could allow such a scary, mean and incompetent person get one step from the Presidency of the United States.

As is very typical in Mexico when dealing with controversial matters, humor is used. The spin many placed on the “wall” was that Mexico would agree to build and pay for the wall as long as it was built along the original boundaries between Mexico and the US. All of the southwest states and some territory north of those lines would be back in the Mexican Republic.

Evening newscasts emphasized the Latino vote and spoke about only one issue, immigration. Many wondered if the Democrats and Hilary Clinton could win. Latinos supporting Bernie were still fighting that battle. US Spanish language media underscored the ire of Latinos with Trump. There seemed to be a drawing away from the US, a growing feeling that dialogue between neighbors was no longer possible. This will only result in making the challenges between two nations more complex and vulnerable to more fear and anger.

Arnoldo Torres is a public policy consultant in CA. and a well-known commentator on Spanish language media

Democrats Present Diversity of Realities but As Usual Intentionally Over Promise

The Democratic Party Convention had an unbelievably poor pre-start but had a resounding positive evening. People woke up to the DNC email leaks against Bernie Sanders candidacy, including the reference to “more taco bowl engagement” video for outreach to Latinos. Next Bernie supporters marched to the convention and booed him for support of Hilary Clinton. We then had the DNC Chairperson resign her position and role in the convention.

Furthermore, a Gallup Poll found Ms. Clinton suffering from the highest unfavorable ratings of 57% since 1992. However 71% of Democrats and Democrat leaning independents view her favorably.

The speakers then began by presenting issues in a very different context than at the Republican convention, more human less blame. Most speakers shared the diversity of realities Americans have in this nation that were ignored last week. The anger and fear were omitted. People expressed concerns, problems, consequences that everyday Americans and residents of this nation experience.

But what can you expect? Democrats always sound and look better simply because Republicans always manage to look and sound so bad and out of touch with a large segment of Americans. Democrats want to do something for almost everyone when they know that is impossible. These are not the standards the nation needs of its leaders.

First published in MOSH

Arnoldo S. Torres is a well-known CA-based policy analyst and long-time Spanish language media commentator.