A Victory for the Latino Community

A Victory for the Latino Community

The resignation of Seth Taylor as Executive Director of the 82nd Street Partnership is a triumph for the Latino community of Queens. Taylor, who oversaw controversial Jackson Heights/82nd Street BID expansion plan to Roosevelt Avenue, lost the support of the Latino community in the area and this in turn led to his resignation.


Taylor departure is also a victory for Queens Latino. The newspaper, in scathing editorial that exposed his unacceptable and often insulting behavior against the Latino Community of Queens, called for his unconditional resignation from BID.

QueensLatino gave voice to the neighborhood and Taylor had no choice, but resign.

Voices of New York, a CUNY School of Journalism website, wrote about Taylor’s resignation. Click here to read the article.

In several occasions QueensLatino challenged Taylor for his condescending attitude towards the Latino community and for his use of foul language because some Latinos didn’t support the BID. When confronted for his use of vulgar language against several individuals who disagreed with him, he first denied it and when told that there was a recording of it, he didn’t apologize.

He went as far as to try, unsuccessfully, to ban QueensLatino from community events and resorted to insulting the paper’s staff writers, especially columnist Arturo Ignacio Sánchez. Anyone who disagreed with him was fair game for his foul language and condescending attitude.

The paper’s relentless questioning of his unethical, if not illegal, manipulation of the voting process to get the BID expansion approved, opened the Latino businesses’ eyes that in turn signaled the end of Seth Taylor.

QueensLatino has been all along in the forefront of the fight to defend the Latino community from Taylor’s misrepresentation of Latino businesses in Jackson Heights and Corona, and will continue to do so for as long as it is necessary.

QueensLatino is a special kind of publication. We are willing to fight for our community against any political or civic organization that its goals are to use Latinos to enrich itself or to gain political or financial power at the expense of the community. We are not just a number. We are a vibrant and viable community and we want the respect we deserve.

QueensLatino has made history. It is the first time a Spanish-language publication in Queens that through its editorial pages forces the resignation of a New York City public official.

Taylor wasn’t ready to confront a publication such as QueensLatino. And the same thing is happening to other people and organizations that can’t properly answer QueensLatino’s questions. What we are doing is basic journalism, plain and simple. We also know our city and its history.

QueensLatino is not in favor or against the BID expansion to Roosevelt Avenue. We just want to make sure that the Latino community understands what is at stake and the consequences of implementing or not such expansion.

Taylor is gone and this is good for the Latino community and the borough of Queens. We also hope the future will bring a better relationship between the 82nd Street Partnership and the Latino community.

Javier Castaño

Director / QueensLatino


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  1. Mr. Castano and the Queens Latino community: It is with humility and honor that I congratulate you for the leadership demonstrated in bringing about the resignation of Mr. Seth Taylor. When I was in NYC for one week in early July I had the privilege of meeting many Latino community activists and gain respect and understanding for the challenges facing Latinos in Queens. While this is a great victory it must be used to build a stronger and deeper foundation of leadership in Queens. The challenges you face include divisions within immigrant advocates in Queens and “downtown”. I specifically reference Make The Road New York and its Latino supporters who will argue that this organization is for and about Latinos. How will those Latinos in Queens deal with the “games” and funding that MTRNY have been playing and distributing for years? More importantly how will the facts be presented to the community so they can read and consider the truth?

    Important questions and issues that are never ending but must be confronted and resolved. Take time, but not too much, to appreciate the victory and reflect on how and why it came about. Then begin the process all over again with the future battles that Latinos in Queens face and will no doubt worsen under very difficult times for all of us in this great country.

    You have my respect and admiration! I stand with you. Dale gas!!!!

  2. Excellent work. This guy thought he was the new sheriff in town and that everybody had to bow to him.
    I am sure the next person at the helm of the BID will think twice before any move that hurts the community.

  3. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in this battle. Also congratulations to Mr. Taylor for making the right choice.
    However, we are far from victory. As Mr Torres said above, we should celebrate this victory, but not for so long.
    Our battle against the BID is far from over and we should not loose our focus.
    Also I wanted to thank Mr. Arturo Sanches for doing a fantastic job on covering this situation so closely.

  4. I congratulate Queens Latino for their vigilance ensuring that our community gets a fair shake at the development of the most important business district in Jackson Heights. This was not a question of design or implementation but of true participation in a democratic society. More importantly,we were able to gain respect as we made it clear that we are not going to go away and dissapear. In fact, we are here to stay engaged in the struggle for social economic justice to exist in our community and New York City. Stand on notice thar Queens Latino leadwehship makes it clear that all Latinos must participate in determining our future

  5. When the community is being led by opportunist who only thinks of bukding a friendly community for coporate stroes to come in and destroy local businesses which causes rent increase, its a good fucking bye to this opporunist comprador!!

    Fuera con la gente que quiere manipular a la comunida latina para los intereses de companias grans….cuando insisten que companias entren ala cominida afecta la renta de todos. LA RENTA SUBE AFFECTANDO A LOS MAS DESAFORTUNADOS…LOS TRABAJADORES

  6. Give me a break. Anyone who thinks Seth Taylor single-handedly spear-headed this expansion project is ignorant. He was doing the job he was hired to do. That’s all.

  7. I am so happy to see social justice efforts have not gone unnoticed. I look forward to seeing positive progress in the improving of the neighborhood with respect for the people and local businesses in mind

  8. Dear Javier Castano and Queens Latino Readers,
    Respectfully, I’d like to weigh in on a few statements made in this article. (1) My resignation is of my own volition. I was not “forced out.” After 32 productive, rewarding months with the 82nd Street Partnership, I’ve made the decision to move on and accept a position as the director of a Manhattan Business Improvement District. I feel the time is right since we’ve now written the District Plan to expand the BID–a major achievement in the expansion process. Also, our organization reached its main goal to rebuild the 82nd Street Partnership into an award-winning operation that provides valuable programs and services to Queens businesses. Professionally, I am ready for a new challenge. (2) I am not a public official, as Mr. Castano states. As the executive director of the Partnership, I (like all other BID directors) manage a private non-profit corporation, governed by a board of directors. (3) The proposal to expand the boundaries came from Councilmember Julissa Ferreras together with local stakeholders. It’s important to remember that the proposal is supported by hundreds of community members – including Mr. Ernesto Cury, a local business owner and long time civic leader who is chair of the Steering Committee. My job has been to help carry out the proposal by informing community members about the costs and benefits of a business improvement district. (4) The voting process has been done in full accordance with the City’s rules and guidelines. Moreover, the outreach and engagement we’ve done over the past 18+ months has gone above and beyond what is required by the City. (5) It is my sincere hope that Mr. Javier Castano, whose work ethic I admire and respect, and his loyal readers, will appreciate that the effort to expand the business improvement district is a community one, and that my small, dedicated team and I were tasked with guiding that effort. I wish the neighborhood well, I will miss working here, and I am hopeful that the outcome of this process will bring this diverse community closer together. My best, Seth Taylor