5 Point Plan Will Improve Parking, Local Job Hiring, More Walkable Streets, End Shelter Conversions, and Provide Senior Tax Relief
Francisco Moya, Democrat for City Council District 21, stood with community leaders to unveil his five point plan to address urgent community needs in East Elmhurst. Responding to the feedback from his extensive conversations with local residents, Moya produced the plan for East Elmhurst to enact as the next City Council Member for the district.
“I have spent everyday with East Elmhurst residents recently and I heard repeatedly about the need for action on these urgent community needs,” said Assemblyman Francisco Moya, Democratic candidate for City Council District 21. “We developed this plan based on the unique challenges and opportunities in the East Elmhurst community. For instance, the airport construction has made parking much too difficult for local residents and I’m determined to fix it. I look forward to working with community leaders to improve the lives of working families and seniors who live in East Elmhurst.”
“Francisco Moya understands what our community needs. His 5 point plan is focused on improving the quality of life for all of East Elmhurst’s residents and is the leadership we need in City government,” said Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry (D-East Elmhurst). “Francisco is a partner I can trust and I look forward to working with him to make this plan a reality.”
“East Elmhurst has been overburdened by hotel conversions into homeless shelters. Francisco Moya’s plan will make sure that our community isn’t unfairly targeted for these pop-up shelters,” said Denise Sumpter-Cunningham, an East Elmhurst resident. “I support Moya’s plan to work on a long-term solution for families seeking shelter that is city-wide and isn’t concentrated in our neighborhood.”
“Everyone knows that Astoria Blvd and Ditmars Blvd are like highways if you are trying to walk across the street. It is even more dangerous for seniors like me,” said Margaret Dozier, a longtime East Elmhurst resident. “Francisco Moya’s smart plan will make it easier for us by adding more safety features like wider sidewalks, and more time to cross. I also like his plan to reduce property taxes to help seniors stay in their homes.”
Moya’s Five Point Plan for East Elmhurst includes:
End Hotel-to-Homeless Shelter Conversions
Unfortunately, East Elmhurst has been the epicenter of the City’s recent conversions of hotels into homeless shelters. Our community should not be unfairly burdened by temporary fixes to long-standing problems. Francisco Moya will fight to make sure our community is not negatively impacted by hotel-to-shelter conversions by introducing legislation to prevent such conversations and by advocating for city-wide, long-term solutions to provide permanent affordable housing for families. Moya will be a leader in the City Council on solving the homelessness crisis in New York City.
Prioritize Local Residents for Jobs at LaGuardia Airport
LaGuardia Airport is our neighbor and we need to ensure that the redevelopment there supports our community. The impact of the airport on our community is tremendous and we deserve first-shot at any employment opportunities in our own backyard. As your next City Council member, Francisco Moya will work with the Port Authority and its contractors to prioritize East Elmhurst residents for job hiring at the airport and airport-related construction projects.
Make Astoria Blvd & Ditmars Blvd Safer for Pedestrians
Last October, a tragedy occupied on Astoria Blvd when an 8 month old boy in his stroller was killed by a van. In March, tragedy struck again when a one year old girl was killed crossing Ditmars Blvd. We have the power to prevent these deaths in the future. Pedestrian safety will be Francisco Moya’s top priority in the City Council. As your next City Council member, Moya will invest in additional safety features including widening the sidewalk, longer walk times at intersections, lower speed limits, and additional red light cameras.
Permitted Parking for Our Residents
The airport construction has forced residents of East Elmhurst to lose precious parking spaces due to airport workers, constructions workers, and travelers taking up curbside parking in our neighborhood. As your next City Council member, Francisco Moya will create a residential parking permit which will restrict parking access on residential streets to local residents. Moya will work with the Department of Transportation to develop this permit process and give parking relief to East Elmhurst residents displaced by airport construction. Additionally, Moya will seek to designate a parking lot for taxis/car services at LaGuardia Airport to prevent our neighborhood streets from being clogged with cars waiting for fares.
Property Tax Relief for Senior Homeowners
The cost of living, especially housing, continues to increase across NYC and specifically in East Elmhurst. However, many seniors live on a fixed income and property tax increases can jeopardize our long-time residents with unaffordable tax bills. We must protect the backbone of our community – our seniors – from displacement. As your next City Council member, Francisco Moya will work with Mayor De Blasio to expand property tax relief for senior homeowners. Moya proposes to annually raise the cap of the maximum income level, pegged to inflation, to make more East Elmhurst homeowners eligible for SCHE (Senior Citizen Homeowners Exemption). No one should have to worry about how they’ll afford to stay in their own homes.
About Francisco Moya: Francisco Moya is running as a Democrat for the New York City Council, District 21. Moya was first elected to represent the 39th New York State Assembly District in 2010. Ever since his election, he has been a leader in the State Assembly on legislation to raise the minimum wage, reform the criminal justice system, and strengthen tenant protections and reduce homeowner costs.