Jahment Holistic School Opens Its Doors to New Students

Jahment Holistic School Opens Its Doors to New Students
We are an Educational institution in New York City that provides Holistic Health studies in different disciplines, for all people who want to raise awareness and take responsibility to learn to look after their own health and their family.

Recently, we got a licensed by the New York State Education Department and we are offering our extraordinary Holistic Health curriculum that provides comprehensive and complete student professional development.

We want to introduce our school and the HOLISTIC HEALTH CONSULTANT curriculum. That is adaptable with many kinds of works and in the fields of Nutrition, Herbology, Aromatherapy, and behavioral science.

If you have any questions please contact us immediately. Financing available. Email jahmentholistic@gmail.com, Phone: 347-444-5552. / 646-524-3300

Rodolfo Flores / School Director / Jahment Holistic School.